Radwag RMA - service procedure

Please complete the "Service request form" before shipping the damaged device. After receiving the application, an RMA number will be assigned to your device, which will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the form. If you have any doubts on our part, a technical support specialist will contact you. This number should be clearly displayed on the box with the device. The recommended RMA font should be at least 2 cm high. We will send confirmation of receipt of the device within 24 hours of delivery. The next step will be sending repair information with a detailed quote in writing. This information will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the form. If you accept the costs, we will repair the device. By acceptance is meant sending a confirmation in writing to the e-mail address. The waiting time for acceptance of a repair order is 10 business days. After this time, the device will be sent to the address and cost of the customer along with an invoice for the diagnosis and location of the device's defect in the amount of USD 100.00 / net. If the device meets the warranty conditions, which are included in the warranty card, please check the "Warranty repair" box. In the return e-mail, apart from the RMA number, you will receive detailed information about the complaint procedure and transport the device to the service. In the event of cancellation of the repair, the cost of locating the fault and making the repair cost estimate is - USD 100 / net.